Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best and Worst Baby Foods

If you're going to make your own baby food (see previous post!), you have to know what you're getting into in advance. It can be a trial-and-error process, and unfortunately the "error" end of it can involve splattered, staining vegetables all over your kitchen floor (and sometimes on your baby or wayward pet). Here is a brief synopsis of my personal best and worst baby foods to make at home:

Bananas -
No steaming or pureeing required! Just mash and serve.

Avocados - Slightly messier (Caution! Slippery!), but also just require a squashing before serving.

Peas - I personally go with the frozen kind, or pre-shelled peas. Steam 'em, chuck 'em in the processor, freeze. Done. Couldn't be simpler.

Sweet Potatoes - Throw a few in the oven, bake, then puree. Plus, a few potatoes make a ton of food.

Apples/Pears - You do have to take the time to peal them, but you just have to steam and puree. Plus they're really tasty if you happen to sample them.

Blueberries - Ugh! There are still stains on our counters from the stupid exploding little bombs. They form a sticky goop when defrosted, and to top it off, the first post-blueberry diaper is, well... I'll put it this way, don't dress your baby in white after feeding him blueberries.

Chicken - I wanted to introduce meat, so I went with chicken. Let me tell you, pureed chicken bears a strong resemblance to cat food, except even my cat didn't seem too keen on it. It's enough to consider vegetarianism for the kid.

Peaches - Until we learned the trick (drop in cold water after you steam them! Duh!), Ted and I had involved wrestling matches with scorching hot peaches, grill tools, and a melon baller, and the entire kitchen was covered in sticky pink goo that I'm still finding.

Bacon - Okay Ted, are you happy? I included bacon. No, I have not made the baby bacon. Jeez.....

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